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While the carelessness of other drivers is the most common cause of motorcycle accidents, numerous other factors, such as highway defects, defective motorcycle parts, substandard maintenance work and traffic hazards are also causes. In motorcycle accident cases, liability for the accident often rests with multiple defendants. Investigation and prosecution against multiple parties make these cases complex, as do the significant damages, serious injuries, and fatalities. Intricate cases such as these are best handled by a seasoned Little Rock personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience and a proven track record in representing motorcycle cases.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • 80 percent of motorcycle crashes result in injury or death.
  • 20 percent of automobile accidents result in injury or death.
  • Since 1997 motorcycle accidents have increased every year.
  • Injuries from motorcycle accidents have risen since 1999.
  • In 2004, 4,000 motorcyclists were killed (8% increase over 2003)
  • In 2004, 76,000 motorcyclists were injured (14% increase over 2003)
  • In 2003, (per mile traveled) odds of death for motorcyclists/automobile passengers were 32/1; injury was 6/1.

Automobile Driver Negligence

Automobile driver negligence causes most motorcycle accidents in various ways, such as misjudging motorcycle speed or distance, blind spots, tailgating motorcyclists, and the inability to stop a larger vehicle quickly. However, the most common cause of other driver negligence is failure to yield the right of way. According to one study, two-thirds of motorcycle accidents are based on this failure, often involving a failure to yield to an oncoming motorcycle while the automobile driver is making a left turn.

Road Defects Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Road defects such as potholes, ruts, uneven surfaces, poorly maintained roadways, debris and other dangerous conditions can bring about motorcycle accidents. Unlike four-wheel vehicles, the two-wheel design of a motorcycle lends vulnerability to the bike, making it innately less stable when encountering minor road defects. In addition, when roads are improperly designed, constructed or maintained, liability for a motorcycle accident may fall with the government agency overseeing roadways. A personal injury lawyer experienced in handling such complex cases can analyze road conditions to determine liability and devise an effective case strategy.

Improper Maintenance of Motorcycles

Improper maintenance of the motorcycle and its parts can lead to motorcycle accidents. Wheel misalignment can cause a front-end wobbling or shaking, which especially at higher speeds, may result in loss of control. The service facility that provided maintenance would be liable for an accident resulting from wheel misalignment.

Motorcycle Recalls and Product Liability

Through the defective design or manufacture of motorcycle parts or models, motorcycles may be subject to recall based on potential product liability. Unfortunately, recalls do not usually occur before accidents have resulted in significant injuries or death. Manufacturer or retailer negligence may, however, provide grounds for product liability claims.  

Investigation and Preservation of Evidence

Failing to take prompt action can result in lost case evidence. Hiring a law firm with motorcycle accident experience is often crucial to gathering and preserving the vital evidence necessary for a favorable outcome. Investigation of the accident scene, photographing road debris, skid marks and other physical evidence as well as expert analysis by accident reconstructionists may be fundamental to determining cause and establishing liability for the motorcycle accident. The law firm may need to employ private investigators to locate witnesses as well as all possible defendants. When bringing suit against a government agency for unsafe road conditions, claims must be filed within the statute of limitations.

The Owings Law Firm is well-recognized as a reputable firm with substantial resources to hire necessary experts. We skilled in determining all parties liable for compensation, have extensive case experience in representing motorcycle accident victims, and are reliable in our achievement of successful results.

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