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What is Personal Injury?

What do lawyers mean when they talk about "personal injury"? They generally mean an injury to your body, or person. A personal injury case begins when a person has been injured through the negligence of another person or corporation. A personal injury case can be as simple as a car wreck with minor injuries, or as complex as a wrongful death case or a case involving dangerous consumer or industrial machinery or products. In each of these cases there is an injury to a person 's body.

A serious injury can be an emotionally devastating experience. It can also be financially ruinous. It doesn 't cost anything to call if you want to discuss your case and find out how an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you through this difficult time. Sometimes the complicated financial issues, such as insurance coverage, can be overwhelming. If you are not experienced in handling insurance claims you may feel that you are at a great disadvantage when talking to the insurance agents.

What you should you know about your case

Insurance is a business, and insurance companies can be expected to try to settle claims for the least amount of money possible. That is just the way it is. Here are some things you should consider when you are dealing with insurance companies, or thinking about hiring a lawyer to represent you in your injury case:

  • Insurance companies make profits by paying as little as possible on insurance claims. Insurance companies are currently making record profits.
  • Insurance companies often try to settle cases quickly and cheaply, even before you have healed from your injuries.
  • Be careful before you sign anything given to you by the other driver 's insurance agent. Signing a medical release early in your case may allow the insurance company to see your medical records, interview your doctor without your presence and obtain past medical records. Adjusters may use your personal medical information to limit the claim. Don 't sign a release without consulting your lawyer. Your lawyer can decide what records need to be disclosed for evaluation of your case for settlement.
  • Beware of checks insurance companies write to you for compensation of personal injuries. The check may be written under terms that prevent you from pursuing a personal injury claim. You may not be fully aware that you are signing away your legal rights.
  • Be careful about attending a doctor 's examination set up by the insurance company. This is usually a bad idea, unless it has been arranged by your attorney. The insurance company is often seeking information to use against your claim.
  • Make sure to inform your doctor about all problems or complaints you think are related to the injury. Also tell your doctor if your condition improves or gets worse. Sometimes injuries take months or even years before a doctor can tell you how bad the injury is, or whether the injury is permanent.
  • Keep all doctor appointments and follow all directions and instructions. This is just common sense, and this is for your own good and physical well-being. The doctor went to medical school; follow his instructions, he knows what 's best for you. Call your doctor immediately if an emergency arises causing you to miss an appointment. When it comes time to settle your case, the insurance company may be looking for shortcomings in your medical treatment to fight your claim. Don 't give them this ammunition.
  • Persons who have been injured often want to know right away what their case is worth. No one can accurately tell you what your case is worth until you have recovered from your injuries and we have evaluated medical expenses, lost wages and other facts about your case.
  • Personal injury cases represented by lawyers usually receive more compensation, even after deducting expenses, than cases not represented by attorneys.
  • You do not need to see an insurance company 's doctor until after a lawsuit is filed. Consult with your lawyer on what type and which doctor you see and how an exam will be conducted.

In addition to your injuries, you may have to deal with complex medical liens and claims from your own insurers if your insurers pay any of the bills from an accident. Insurance is a complex area of law that requires constant study and practical experience.

Legal Help

The Owings Law Firm has successfully represented individuals who have suffered serious injuries from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, hunting accidents and from other accidents. We can answer your questions and if you should ask us to represent you, we can help take care of the problems that arise when you have been injured.


We do not charge any fees in injury cases unless and until we win your case. Our fees are based on a reasonable percentage of the amount we obtain for you. We do not settle cases without your approval.

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